Take care of your Tattoo


Our trained and licensed tattoo artists take every precaution to prevent infection.

If you do not take proper care of your tattoo after leaving our chair, it can easily become irritated. Your tattoo is a wound, keep it clean! An actual infection or allergic reaction is very rare. Scabbing, flaking, peeling, dryness and a hazy appearance are all natural parts of the healing process. If you think there might be an issue, come in to the tattoo shop and speak with your artist.

For the best outcome, keep it out of the sun until it is healed and then use sunscreen. Any form of tanning can damage and fade your tattoo. Don’t soak your tattoo in any water and keep it clean from dirt or sweat while it’s healing.

Your aftercare affects the healing process and quality of your tattoo, make sure to plan appropriate down/healing time after your tattoo. After 2-3 weeks it should be ok to resume your normal activities, also at that point it’s ok to keep working on a multiple session tattoo or get a touch up. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at the tattoo shop.


AFTER CARE Tattoo 34 Style

What to do:

  • Leave the regular plastic-wrapped dressing on for 2-3 HOURS or the clear, self-adhering bandage can stay on for 2-3 DAYS (the tattoo artist will let you know which kind of covering you have)

  • Wash hands thoroughly with an Anti-bacterial liquid hand soap before touching your tattoo

  • Gently take off bandage and gently wash the tattoo with hot water using clean fingertips and anti-bacterial soap

  • Finish washing with a cold water rinse, gently pat dry the tattoo with a CLEAN towel (or let it air dry)

  • Continue to wash tattoo approximately 2 times a day or if your tattoo comes in to contact with anything dirty

  • After 24 hours start to apply a clean, color-free, unscented, hypoallergenic lotion

  • Use a thin layer of lotion only as needed, be mindful of over moisturizing

What not to do:

  • DO NOT use bar soaps, they hold on to all bacteria

  • DO NOT use aloe, neosporin, bacitracin, aquifor or A&D ointment

  • DO NOT pick or scratch at your tattoo, it will itch, picking at it will RUIN your tattoo

  • DO NOT submerge your new tattoo under water. No swimming, soaking or sauna.

  • DO NOT let your tattoo bake in the sun! keep it covered while it is healing

  • Avoid tight clothing, pet dander, scented soaps and lotion

TOUCH UP at Tattoo 34:

What it is:

As your tattoo heals it may loose some ink, due to the natural way skin heals or because of poor care after the tattoo. Your tattoo artist can tell you by looking at it if it needs to be touched up. Feel free to contact your tattoo artist or come in to the tattoo shop.

Our Policy at Tattoo 34:

If you cared for your tattoo properly and followed the After Care Instructions (above), the same tattoo artist who did your original work is happy to touch up your tattoo for free, within the first 30 days. *Exceptions if you live out of the area or healing time is longer than expected, communicate with your tattoo artist and we can work it out.

Your tattoo must be completely healed before a touch up will be done (about 2-3 weeks).

What it's not:

If you want to add some elements or new color to your tattoo, that is not a touch up and you will need to pay your tattoo artist for the additional work. 

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Tattoo 34 Believes in giving back

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Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Oregon Chapter- Who is dedicated to improving the daily lives of people with cystic fibrosis.

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