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Tattoo 34 on Hawthorne is a minority owned (Native American, First Nation & Black) and Family owned Tattoo Shop, located in the heart of Portland, OR's popular and eclectic Hawthorne district. The shop is open seven days a week from 12pm until 8pm for walk in’s, and by appointment at other times as well. We are a street shop, which means we welcome walk-in's and have flash sheets to choose a design from but our tattoo artists also specialize in high quality, custom drawn pieces. 

Our tattoo shop is our second home and another family to us. We treat our clients with compassion and respect and strive to give everyone the best experience. Our goal is to create a unique, inviting and fun environment, while doing the best tattoos. In addition to tattooing, we also have gallery shows and art nights at the tattoo shop. Please see our EVENTS PAGE for more information and come be a part of our community. 


Come on in to our Tattoo Shop!


You are always welcome to come in to our tattoo shop on Hawthorne Blvd! Come feel the vibe, check out the portfolios and talk with our artists about your vision. You can also browse each tattoo artists portfolios on their Artist page (under the Artist tab), read about their experiences, and find out the best way to contact them before you come in to the tattoo shop. 

Each tattoo artist is responsible for scheduling and keeping their own appointments (if you have any concerns, please let management know). If you need help matching your vision with the perfect artist, we can help with that too.

We are an open-floor shop and enjoy the community and conversations that it brings. Everyone is welcome here. When you are in our tattoo shop, please do be aware of the space and people around you. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, hate speech, or other discriminatory attitudes. 


Pricing for our shop

We accept cash, cards and we do sell and accept Giftcards

Our shop minimum is $60, so no matter how small your tattoo is or how quickly it is completed, that is what you will pay. If what you want is larger than the size of a quarter, expect to pay more. We charge by the hour and the shop hourly rate is $150. To get an accurate price quote, come in and talk with your tattoo artist in person (see "Free Consultation" below). Trying to give a quote over the phone, in a text, or email will NOT give an accurate price, we need to see the design and where you want it on your body.

Our artists are that, Artists and they want to give you a lifelong piece of art. If your tattoo artist has suggestions on size, placement or composition, please consider what they are saying. We only have experienced artists in our shop who we trust to have your best interests in mind. If you are on a budget simply let your artist know and they can work with you to figure out what works best.  

To purchase a Gift Card you can come in to the shop or for an instant eGift card click here

 minority owned tattoo shop on Hawthorne Blvd in Portland, OR

Free Consultation

It's a must and free!

If you are getting a larger tattoo, custom piece, something really detailed, or a cover up, come in to the shop for a free consult. You are welcome to walk in and see if it's a good time to go over the details of your tattoo idea with your artist, however if you don't want to wait we recommend you set up an appointment. If you are coming in from out of town and have limited time, let us know! 

A free consult gives the artist the opportunity to trace your body part where the tattoo will be, to confirm the artwork that they will be spending their time drawing for you, and to give you a price quote. This is still only a quote, depending on later changes and how well you sit during the tattoo, the price can change. 

Please bring any reference pictures to give your Artist and be prepared to pay your deposit. For tattoos on an intimate area, we may be able to schedule you a before or after-hours appointment for less exposure, please inquire with your artist during your consultation if this is a concern.

*Hand, neck, and face tattoos are done on a case by case basis and at the tattoo artists discretion.

 Jake Acree traditional style tattoo artist on Hawthorne Blvd in Portland, OR


Pay them & show up, all good

To schedule an appointment we require a minimal deposit of $40 for small tattoos and $100 for large tattoos. Deposits go toward the price of your tattoo and they are non-refundable.  Your deposit is good for as long as it takes to finish the tattoo, your deposit will be forfeited if:

- More than 6 months pass without an appointment made or communication from you

- Rescheduling an appointment more than twice

- Missing a scheduled appointment without 24 hour notice

- Excessive drawing changes (at the artists discretion)  

Our artists work hard for you and apply hours towards a custom piece. Deposits protect our artists time, labor and schedule investment. Deposits can be paid in our tattoo shop or by an email invoice.

 tattoo artist inside the tattoo shop on Hawthorne Blvd in Portland, OR

Day of Tattoo

Pay AttentioN please

We check ID (a valid state or government issued picture ID or a valid passport with a picture), you must be 18. No exceptions. Our artists will not tattoo you if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You can not be pregnant. Please confirm you are not regularly taking blood thinners (they have many different names). Please talk to your tattoo artist about any health issues or concerns.

Everything is better when you are well rested, have eaten, are hydrated and have had only minimal caffeine. Please make sure you shower and wear clean clothes (infection prevention starts there). At the shop, your tattoo artist will shave the area for you.

Your price quote is given based on the assumption you sit still during the tattoo. Your artist can work faster and more efficiently if you hold still. If a session is longer than expected your price may be higher. Be sure you understand how much you are being quoted for your tattoo and be prepared to pay more, should it become necessary (we do take credit cards). Please DO NOT try to barter.

Depending on the placement of your tattoo, you may be required to remove certain items of clothing. To make things more comfortable for you, bring other clothing items such as a bathing suit top or shorts. We are an open studio, though we do have dividers if more privacy is your preference. 

We use all vegan inks that we feel are the best (safest and brightest) tattoo pigments in the industry and disposable needles (so cleanliness is never an issue)

 Toby Linwood tattoo shop owner and Artist on Hawthorne Blvd in Portland, OR


a good practice 

Your tattoo artist strives to make your experience exceptional. If you are happy with your tattoo and the service your artist provided at our shop, a Tip is greatly appreciated. The artists only receive a percentage of the cost of your tattoo but all of the tip! Tips typically range from 10-30%. 

Another great way to support your artist and recognize our tattoo shop is to review us on Yelp, Google, and/or Facebook and share your tattoo and experience on your social media platforms. We also love Instagram!

Thank you for supporting our small minority owned tattoo shop in Portland, OR!

 Kimber Teatro Female tattoo artist in the tattoo shop on Hawthorne Blvd in Portland, OR

Take care of your Tattoo.


Our trained and licensed Artists take every precaution to prevent infection.

If you do not take proper care of your tattoo after leaving our chair, it can easily become infected. Your tattoo is a wound, keep it clean!

Your aftercare affects the healing process and quality of your tattoo. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


AFTER CARE Tattoo 34 Style:

What to do:

  • Leave bandage on for 2-3 hours

  • Wash hands thoroughly with an Anti-bacterial liquid hand soap

  • Gently take off bandage and gently wash the tattoo using clean fingertips and anti-bacterial soap

  • Gently pat dry the tattoo with a CLEAN towel or paper towel (or let it air dry)

  • Continue to wash tattoo approx. 2 times a day

  • After 24 hours start to apply a white, unscented, uncolored lotion

  • Use lotion only as needed, be mindful of over moisturizing

What not to do:

  • DO NOT use bar soaps, they hold on to all bacteria

  • DO NOT pick or scratch at your tattoo, it will itch, picking at it will RUIN your tattoo

  • DO NOT submerge your new tattoo under water. Showers are fine, no pools, rivers, baths, ect.

  • DO NOT let your tattoo bake in the sun! keep it covered while it is healing

  • Avoid tight clothing, pet dander, scented soaps and lotions

TOUCH UP at Tattoo 34:

What it is:

As your tattoo heals it may loose some ink, due to the natural way skin heals or because of poor care after the tattoo. Your tattoo artist can tell you by looking at it if it needs to be touched up. Feel free to contact your tattoo artist or come in to the tattoo shop.

Our Policy at Tattoo 34:

If you cared for your tattoo properly and followed the After Care Instructions (above), the same tattoo artist who did your original work is happy to touch up your tattoo for free, within the first 30 days. *Exceptions if you live out of the area or healing time is longer than expected, communicate with your tattoo artist and we can work it out.

Your tattoo must be completely healed before a touch up will be done (about 2 weeks).

What it's not:

If you want to add some elements or new color to your tattoo, that is not a touch up and you will need to pay your tattoo artist for the additional work. 

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