Toby Linwood is at the Tattoo Shop Monday-Friday

To schedule text Nisha: 415-370-1298

Nisha, Toby’s wife and the other owner of the tattoo shop, schedules all of his tattoo appointments and is generally a better point of contact. Please don’t wait for Toby to answer you ;)

You start with a FREE consult for bigger, more complicated pieces, or cover up’s and then Toby's workflow is:

He will draw your tattoo design when he sees your name coming up on his calendar. He will draw up a rough sketch if you schedule an art check (for large projects only) and then he will draw the more detailed design close to your scheduled tattoo appointment.

He likes the content to be fresh. His favorite is drawing the "stencil" right on to your skin. If you are up for that, let him know at your consultation and you can usually get a sooner appointment time (no waiting for drawings)!

To get him started on your project, schedule an appointment!

For more info regarding pricing & how our tattoo shop works please see the SHOP INFO page.

Tattoo Shop owners Toby Linwood and Nisha Supahan (Black & First Nations and Native American).

Toby Linwood is a POC tattoo shop owner and tattoo Artist at Tattoo 34 on Hawthorne Blvd. He has been tattooing since 2010. He started his tattoo career in the Bay Area and then moved with his family to continue this profession in Portland. Toby started his passion for art in Southern Oregon, as a graffiti artist when he was a teen. Between that art form and this one he has taught art to children, done graphic and interior design, painted, drew, sculpted, carved, and etched, among so many other art related endeavors. He has had his sculptures featured at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Italy, the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, the 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada, at the "Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest Award Show" and on the "Queen Latifah Show".

Toby said he enjoys tattooing because, "I love working with and creating artwork with other people. I've created artwork in many other forms but this one is more lasting and personal." Toby has done most styles of tattoos but can't choose a favorite. "Any and all" is what he likes, though the other artists have called him, "the script master of the shop" and "the cover up King". Toby stays busy between his art, his family and participating in his own, as well as his wife's Tribal Ceremonies. It's hard to balance it all, but Toby's passion and dedication to his Art shows in every tattoo he does.

To see what other people have said about tattoo artist Toby and the tattoo shop, scroll down. 

I came here for my first ever tattoos, and am so grateful to whatever forces made sure that I walked in when Toby happened to be working. These tattoos are extraordinarily important to me, and I have no doubt that Toby understood that and honors that in every tattoo he does. I feel so fortunate.
— Kunoor Ojha
I now have two pieces completed by Toby. I work as a touch/energy therapist. From my experience with my work I can vouch for Toby’s wonderful care of his clients. He is a gentle and loving spirit with an amazing ability to transform an artistic concept into a stunning and unique tattoo. His touch is caring and light and you can see his passion for his work shine. I trust his ability to craft a tattoo in the spirit of what I imagine and I would encourage you to give him as much creative freedom as you can with your piece. Every time I have given him freedom to express his artistic creativity with my tattoos he has blown my mind and left me extremely happy.
— Adam Cole
Absolutely amazing experience. Toby is a beautiful human. I will never forget this piece, the stories we shared, and we will definitely be seeing him again in the good fight!
— July Huss
I walked in hoping to get my first tattoo, and I am extremely happy to say that I did not leave disappointed. Toby first spoke to me while I babbled in my nervousness and showed him a quick sketch I’d done of an idea I’d like to have tattooed. He looked at my tattoo, listened to my idea, and hashed out more about the piece I was hoping to get. Within minutes, he had a good idea of what I’d wanted, and was willing to work on me.
Toby took my idea and did a freehand sketch before tattooing. He made sure that I was comfortable with the idea, and liked the design before he put ink in skin. I felt that he was extremely accommodating and professional throughout the process as well - he would check in to make sure that I was doing ok, and that the tattoo was looking the way I wanted it to.
The end result is stunning, and better than anything I could have hoped for. Toby executed my idea brilliantly, and boy, he knew how to draw a straight line really well! I’m especially awed at the fact that what I’d asked was an equal sign (meaning straight edges and straight lines throughout) and how he did all that freehand!
I love my tattoo, and love the fact that this shop is minority-owned and is a safe space for all. It is listed on Gay PDX’s site as one of the inclusive tattoo shops around Portland, and comes highly recommended for anyone who wants to get good tattoos while being treated fairly. I thoroughly enjoyed my experienced, and can’t wait to get another tattoo!
— Jules Leow

Toby Linwood is a Black, African American, Native American, and First Nations Tattoo Shop Owner and Tattoo Artist. POC Tattoo Artist. Minority-Owned Tattoo Shop.